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Lexis and Grammar Conference 2007


Lexis and Grammar Conference 2007
The 26th International Conference on Lexis and Grammar
October 2-6, 2007

Invited speakers: A. Abeillé and M.-J. Dalbera


Paper submission is closed.

The 26th International Conference on Lexis and Grammar will take place in Bonifacio, Corsica, on October 2-6, 2007.
The Conference welcomes innovative papers on the formal description of languages, as well as on the construction, management and use of language resources, including manually constructed lexicons and grammars. In addition, it aims at bringing together linguists and computer scientists.
The Conference will combine a general session and a thematic session.
The thematic session of the 26th International Conference on Lexis and Grammar will focus on SMSes (text messaging) and internet texts, including, but not limited to:
  • SMSes (mobile phone text messages),
  • emails, blogs and forums,
  • wikis,
  • texts published without reviewing.
Submissions for the general session may address any of the usual topics of the Conference:
  • predicate-argument structures,
  • the interface between lexis and grammar,
  • exploitation of language resources (including manually constructed lexicons and grammars) for language processing (including information retrieval, information extraction, parsing),
  • language resources concerning lexis or grammar.
The languages of the Conference are English and French.
Submission information can be found here.
The papers presented at the Conference will be available in proceedings on the first day.
Organisation : Catherine Camugli Gallardo (University of Paris X), Matthieu Constant (University of Marne-la-Vallée), Anne Dister (University of Louvain-la-Neuve)
Scientific Committee: Susanne Alt (CNRS), Éric de la Clergerie (INRIA), Mirella Conenna (Univ. Bari), Maxime Crochemore (CNRS-Univ. Marne-la-Vallée), Laurence Danlos (Univ. Paris 7), André Dugas (UQAM), Annibale Elia (Univ. Salerno), Patrice Enjalbert (CNRS-Univ. Caen), Tomaž Erjavec (Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana), Stefan Evert (Univ. Osnabrück), Cédrick Fairon (Catholic Univ. Louvain-la-Neuve), Christiane Fellbaum (Univ. Princeton), Claire Gardent (CNRS, Nancy), Jacqueline Giry-Schneider (CNRS-Univ. Marne-la-Vallée), Gaston Gross (CNRS-Univ. Paris 13), Franz Guenthner (Univ. Maximilian, Munich), Ulrich Heid (Univ. Stuttgart), Alon Itai (Technion, Haifa), Anna Korhonen (Univ. Combridge), Cvetana Krstev (Univ. Belgrade), Tita Kyriacopoulou (CNRS-Univ. Thessaloniki), Jacques Labelle (UQAM), Nunzio La Fauci (Univ. Zurich), Béatrice Lamiroy (Univ. Leuven), Éric Laporte (CNRS-Univ. Marne-la-Vallée), Christian Leclère (CNRS-Univ. Marne-la-Vallée), Peter Machonis (Florida International Univ.), Elisabete Marques Ranchhod (Univ. Lisbon), Denis Maurel (Univ. Tours), Annie Meunier (CNRS-Univ. Marne-la-Vallée), Christian Molinier (Univ. Toulouse-le-Mirail), Kemal Oflazer (Sabanci Univ.), Karel Pala (Masaryk Univ., Brno), Mireille Piot (CNRS-Univ. Grenoble 3), Thierry Poibeau (CNRS-Univ. Paris 13), Antoinette Renouf (UCE Birmingham), Milena Slavcheva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Zygmunt Vetulani (Univ. Poznan)

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