The 23rd.





November 11th to 14th, 2004.


Circular N° 2




Organised by the “Institut Gaspard Monge (IGM) of the Université de Marne-la-Vallée



Dear Sir/Madam,


We would like to remind you that the 17th of May, 2004, is the final deadline for sending the outline of your speech for the 23rd. “Lexis and Grammar” international conference


Before attending the symposium, please register

- with the organisers (§ registration form)

- with the hotel (§ enclosed form)


Accommodation expenses to be settled at the hotel, however your credit card number will be requested upon reservation, although no deposit will be taken on the provision of these details.


Please find some useful practical details below.




A registration form is included at the end of this message.


Symposium entry fee: 60 Euros, 30 Euros for students

Payable on entry.


Symposium LOCATION

Hôtel du Golf Barrière

Mont Canisy Saint-Arnoult

14803 Deauville

Tel +33 (0) 2 31 14 24 00         Fax +33 (0) 2 31 14 24 01

Contact: Christine Placier

E-mail: hoteldu



Please find a reservation form attached.


Tarifs: full board

                                                           100 Euros: a single room, for a participant

150 Euros: a double room for two participants

190 Euros a double room for a participant and one companion



Reservations to be made directly with the hotel (please find an example reservation form attached):

- by telephone            00 33 (0) 2 31 14 24 31   

- by fax                      00 33 (0) 2 31 14 24 32

- e-mail             


Please note that the telephone and e-mail details for reservations differ from the hotel’s general details given above.


On reserving the hotel, please remember to:

- request confirmation of your reservation

- provide your credit card number

Accommodation expenses will be settled at the hotel at the time of departure and no deposit will be taken when you provide your credit card number.


ARRIVAL at Deauville: by train, (Trouville-Deauville train station) or by plane (Deauville Saint-Gatien airport)




I will attend the symposium:                     YES/NO

I would like to give a speech:                   YES/NO

I will make a display presentation:            YES/NO


If you would like to give a speech, please provide a title and send a brief outline. Deadline: the 17th of May, 2004.


Title of speech/presentation:




*Outline: Minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages. Deadline: 17th of May, 2004

All outlines received before the 17th. of May, 2004 will be considered by the programme committee.

Those received after the deadline will only be considered where time slots remain.



Nota bene: Please write your outline in accordance with the following standards:

Typed in Word, Times New Roman font, size 12


Author’s first name & surname in bold type, in top left-hand corner, first name in lowercase, surname in uppercase.


Affiliate organisation, always on left-hand side and in italics.

E-mail address.

Title in centre, same size but in bold type.




Tita Kyriacopoulou Université de Thessalonique & Université de Marne-la-Vallée.

Annie Meunier, Institut Gaspard Monge, Université de Marne-la-Vallée.


For more information:



Annie Meunier

Institut Gaspard Monge

Université de Marne-la-Vallée

774 454 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2